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BioBreathing is an iPhone app that helps users achieve deep relaxation and hopefully reduce their blood pressure by keeping track of Inhaling and Exhaling cycles. Different tones are attached to the Inhale and the Exhale  phases. The length of each phase can be changed by moving the slider. The slower you breathe the better you will be. 15 minutes twice a day will have a beneficial effect on your quality of your life.


Breath is life itself and how we breathe profoundly affects our health and our quality of life. When we become stressed, our breathing is affected. Instead of slow, relaxed inhalations and exhalations, our breathing becomes rapid, erratic and shallow. Every thought we think has a corresponding physiological effect on our body and our breathing. By using the BioBreathing tool on your iPhone regularly, you can re-train your breathing and consciously return to a balanced, more relaxed state. You can do the BioBreathing exercise at your desk, in the car, or at home. As you breathe, try to free your mind of stressful thoughts and focus on your breath. As you inhale, visualize fresh, positive energy entering your abdomen and your lungs. As you exhale, discard the stress and tension from your body. It’s important to inhale into your abdomen and to empty your lungs completely when you exhale, with chest and shoulders relaxed. Have you watched a baby breathing? Young infants and children breathe into their lower abdomens. As we become adults, we hold our stomachs rigid and breathe shallowly into the chest. This pattern of breathing can affect your health negatively, potentially contributing to high blood pressure, increased heart rate, digestive disturbances and tension in the neck and shoulders.


Slow diaphragmatic breathing leads to lower blood pressure and heart rate, warm hands and feet, reduced cold sweat and a general feeling of relaxation.


How do our thoughts and emotions affect our breathing and well-being? Just remembering or imagining a stressful event can make our breathing shallow and more rapid. Therefore, when practicing the BioBreathing exercise, try to empty your mind of thoughts as you focus on your breath. Doing this exercise just twice a day for 10-15 minutes can have a very profound, uplifting effect on your health. Of course, you can do this exercise as often as you like or need. It’s up to you.


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